New Dror Israel Educators’ Building Making a Splash in Tel Aviv!

We are delighted that the kibbutz movement weekly magazine HaZman HaYarok recently covered the completion of our new urban kibbutz building in Tel Aviv!

The number one kibbutz periodical “HaZman HaYarok” recently featured an in-depth article about our Educators’ Kibbutz in Tel Aviv, which recently moved in to a newly renovated building in South Tel Aviv.

Here are some of highlights from the article:

"There’s a new kibbutz in the neighborhood"

In the midst of the pandemic, very quietly, a new building has been built in the Shapira neighborhood of Tel Aviv for another urban kibbutz from Dror Israel.

To get to know this four-story building constructed by Dror Israel in the Shapira neighborhood in South Tel Aviv as a new urban kibbutz for 60 members and their families, you really have to see it with your own eyes. But during this pandemic, we’re not allowed to leave our homes and it’s even too difficult to hold a real ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new building, and so I found myself conducting an interview on Zoom with four people connected to this special project.