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Jewish-Arab Programs
Forging a New Path

Booklet created by Dror bi-lingual class

The path to a secure future lies in our ability to transform from a mixed to a shared society - where opportunity, equality and justice are shared by all. Our Jewish-Arab programs establish common ground. At Beit Berl Teachers College, our educators learn Arabic to facilitate dialogue.


Our youth movement with 18,000 Arab members in 60 branches in 32 localities, is the only one in Israel with Arab members and leaders. Jewish and Arab youth come together to discuss democracy and social justice.


Dror Israel is “one of the major providers of informal education in Israel’s Arab community.” (Interagency Task Force on Israeli Arab Issues – Informal Education in Israel’s Arab Society, July 2017)


Bi-lingual language classes bring Jewish and Arab adults together to share cultural experiences and learn each other’s history.

In our programming, cultural connection and conversation build understanding. Understanding builds compassion; and compassion is the foundation for peace.

סמינר לעבודה להגנה ולשלום, יצירה בעץ בשימוש חוזר וגידול מזון בקן.jpg

Israeli Jewish and Arab Youth Launch Environmental Justice Now! Program

Dror Israel, through its associated youth movement HaNoar HaOved, brings Jewish and Arab teens together in a new program to raise awareness about the climate crisis among Arab and Jewish youth and give them the tools to create real change in their communities through:

  • Joint seminars and leadership training

  • Multi-cultural Youth Environmental Sustainability Center

  • Special curriculum to heighten awareness and drive local inititives

  • Mass participation in the National Climate March

  • Shared "Green" Passover and Ramadan Celebrations

To read more and learn how you can help, click here.


“We eat together, laugh together. We talk about what we think of each other, and what will help bring peace.”


Assaf Perry, Youth Movement Counselor

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