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Alex, a Nurse in Mazor Hospital


“When the country locked down and the hospitals were overloaded, my wife and I still had to go to work.  When the Dror Israel daycare center in the hospital opened, we felt like we were saved.


Feya, 78, Homebound Senior in Rehovot


“I needed my medication but could not go out. The coronavirus kept me inside for many months. Three weeks ago, I got a phone call from a lovely young man named Yuval and that was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. . He shops for me and we talk about all sorts of things. I really look forward to his visits.”


Liel, Ethiopian Israeli student


My family came to Israel from Ethiopia. They did not share a lot about their lives there or about their journey to Israel. So I did not know much about my family’s past.


Shimon Lankri, Mayor of Akko

Over the past decade I have witnessed the important social and educational activity of Dror Israel’s Educators’ Community in Akko. Their contribution impacts a large number of our residents, particularly in our poorer areas..


Shani, Youth Movement member


As a member of the Dror Israel Youth Movement – Hanoar Haoved Vehalomed, we learn the value of acting when we see a need, to help others and make a better society.


Yuval, Poland Journey participant


My trip to Poland changed my life. I had participated in Dror Israel workshops leading up to the trip, so I knew my counselor and the other kids. The week together made me think about things differently.  


Dror, Chevrati High School student


Like many of the kids at my school, I struggle with social skills. At Dror Israel Chevrati School, we get to work closely with teachers one on one and in small groups. 


Idan and Hadar, Kindergarten teachers

As Dror Israel educators, we believe children are a great asset for creating positive social change. They have the power to educate their parents and grandparents.

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