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Israel is suffering severe national trauma

and Israelis will need healing for a very long time.


As Educators, Innovators, and Community Builders,

we bring healing and build resilience for all Israelis.

Our work has never been more urgent.

Through our Healing and Resilience programs we provide therapeutic social-emotional support for thousands of children, teens, adults, and seniors throughout Israel, whose communities were devastated on October 7th:

Dror Israel Emergency Response
Healing and Building Resilience through Education

Games, art, and conversations give kids a safe, supportive space to process their experiences.

  • Formal Education for Evacuees: 16 makeshift preschools, elementary, and high schools for 800+ traumatized children and youth who lost loved ones and experienced violence, quickly established for evacuees. We provide structure amid chaos, with educational instruction, emotional support, and social encounters.

  • Informal Education for Evacuees: After-school programming, including psycho-social first aid intervention, empowerment, and team-building for 4,500+ evacuees, aged 9-18, in 30 locations. We create safe spaces for leisure activities, homework help, and serious discussions for healing.

  • Leadership Training for Teens: Teaching 1,000+ teens how to run programming for younger evacuees. These youth counselors, many evacuees themselves, begin to heal, gaining a sense of purpose and achievement.

  • Community Leadership Groups for Evacuees: 20 groups of adult evacuees meet to cultivate community and a sense of independence. Uniquely able to identify issues facing their fellow evacuees, they implement solutions for their displaced communities, and lead the transition back home.

  • Healing and Resilience Programs in Non-displaced Communities: Therapeutic programming for 70,000+ children, teens, adults, and seniors throughout Israel. Workshops provide tools for handling anxiety, and encourage volunteerism.

  • Preparing for Escalation and Building Resilience in the North: Special training for teen leaders to run bomb shelter programming for children with activity kits, and emergency instructions translated into Arabic for Arab and Druze communities.

Makeshift schools offer stability and support.

Programs give seniors a chance to heal and help others.

Deep Relationships Build Trust – Communities Count On Us

We live in the communities we serve. They know they can count on us. We were there before the war, and during the initial emergency. We are there with them today, and will be far into the future.

With your support we will continue to build resilience and healing for these impacted communities as long as necessary.

Extensive Experience in Emergency Response: In past wars and during COVID lockdowns, we established daycare and emotional first-aid programs, most recently with Ukrainian refugees. Since October 7th, we jumped into action, setting up daycare and makeshift schools, running teen programs, and organizing community leadership committees for evacuees and hardest hit communities.

Recent Updates:

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