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On October 8th, Dror Israel jumped into action to support those impacted by the terrible attack. Now, with trauma running deep and over 100,000 Israelis still unable to return to their homes, Dror Israel educators are providing therapeutic Emotional-Educational Support and establishing makeshift schools for tens of thousands of evacuee children and families.

Dror Israel Emergency Response

As needs on the ground change, our emergency response programs continue to expand and adapt, including:

Supporting evacuees: Over 60 day care and youth programs for traumatized children and families who have been evacuated from communities under attack on the border area of Gaza and Lebanon to evacuee centers around the country. These are extremely traumatized children who have lost loved ones and experienced violence first-hand.

Establishing makeshift schools: from preschool through 12th grade, Dror Israel has established several schools for hundreds of displaced youth, as well as absorbing evacuees into our existing high schools

Leadership Training for Teens and Adults: Empowering evacuees to be community leaders and gain tools to help others. Building resilience, confidence and agency among displaced communities.

Preparation for escalation and building resilience in the north: Combining resources and training to support youth counselors and community members in case of escalation, throughout Dror Israel's extensive network in the north, with a special emphasis on Arab and Druze communities.

Games, art, and conversations give kids a safe, supportive space to process their experiences.

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As needs evolve and long-term challenges become apparent, Dror Israel is operating stable educational centers for preschool, elementary, and high school aged evacuees and re-building community resilience.

With your support we will continue to build resilience and healing for the impacted communities now and into the future. For as long as it takes, whenever and wherever we are needed, Dror Israel will be there. 

These programs reach tens of thousands of Israelis each week and will continue as long as necessary.
Please lend your support to help these traumatized communities.

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About Dror Israel's Emergency Response: Dror Israel has an extensive and successful track record in emergency response. Dror Israel educators have sprung into action to support traumatized children during past wars in Israel, the COVID lockdowns, and in response to the war in Ukraine. Now in the face of this national tragedy, in cooperation with local municipalities and the IDF Home Front Command, we have established programs to help evacuees and residents in the hardest-hit communities.

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