Educational Workshops
Educational Workshops Leadership, Values and Social Justice

Sex education and LGBTQ support programs for teens


Leadership programs for soldiers and police, reaching 15,000 annually


Teacher Training, sharing new methods and tools


Hechalutz, after-school sports program reaching 10,000 teens annually, plus in-school seminars teaching teamwork and leadership 

70 teams in 10 cities - teamwork on the field translates into trust and cooperation off the field

The IDF, Police, and schools turn to us for innovative education in values-based leadership and shared society. Dialogic and project-based, workshops raise awareness about racism and discrimination which, in turn, teaches tolerance and helps reduce violence.


Our workshops:

“Sports is a common language that brings together people from different backgrounds in a positive and social manner - teaching acceptance of the ‘other’ – whether on their own team or in meeting teams around the country.”


Roei Tau, Sports Coach