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Empowering Local Leaders for Emergency Preparedness in the North

Updated: Apr 14

In these times of escalating threat, additional northern communities face possibility of evacuation and more communities prepare to weather regular threat of rocket fire, with schools and offices closed and residents expected to shelter-in-place. Arab and Druze communities in northern Israel are particularly at-risk, as most have a limited number of bomb shelters and less emergency preparation than their Jewish neighbors. In preparation for these unfortunately likely eventualities, Dror Israel is gearing up to support communities, especially in underserved neighborhoods.

Dror Israel educators pack Emergency Activity Kits

Our amazing junior counselors, trained to be local leaders, are armed with activity kits – an activity book and a bag filled with board and card games, sports equipment, arts and crafts supplies, and a manual for using the supplies and engaging traumatized children in wartime, these kits are being prepared for use by hundreds of youth counselors in evacuee centers and/or bomb shelters, as needed. The manual was written in Hebrew, and has been translated to Arabic to help close the "preparedness gap" in 53 northern Arab and Druze communities where Dror Israel operates.

Emergency Activity Kits will be distributed to our 207 youth movement branches throughout Israel's north

We know from experience that if rocket fire intensifies, people, especially kids, may find themselves stuck in public bomb shelters for days. Our junior counselors in 207 northern branches are ready to run weeks' worth of activities for neighborhood kids. Already, we're conducting activities for thousands of evacuees and resilience-building programs for 38,000 in non-displaced communities.

During the second Lebanon war, Dror Israel ran programs in bomb shelters and set up day camps providing a much-needed break for kids in towns under fire. Understanding the importance of such activities, we're preparing various response programs to support children and families in case of escalating threats from Hezbollah.

Hundreds of northern teens took part in special leadership courses to learn how to best support their communities in times of emergency.

Your support helps us empower these local leaders, ensuring that even in the most challenging times, our communities stay connected, resilient, and full of hope!

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