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National Social Justice Initiatives

The Israeli Assembly, Rabin Memorial Day with 15,000 participants in Haifa, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv


Tish’a B’Av Tent, traveling museum about Rabin’s life, death, and the importance of preserving Israeli democracy


Holocaust Memorial Day, with 10,000 participants around the country 

 Israeli Assembly Rabin Memorial Day

Our Initiatives:

Our National Social Justice Initiatives bring Israelis together for important conversations, literally, in the public square. Religious meet secular, rich meet poor, young meet old, Druze and Arabs meet Jews. Our youth groups also partner with the Orthodox youth movement, B'nei Akiva. We moderate conversations and with each encounter comes hope and, over time society is transformed.

Today’s Youth Building Tomorrow’s Society

“Thousands, sitting and meeting ‘other’ people, finding the common things they care about … understanding there are things that bring us together and not everything separates us.”

Tom Vizel, Rabin Memorial Leader

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