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Youth Movement

“… High quality, consistent extracurricular activity … is empowering for children and youth, reduces harmful behavior, cultivates happier and stronger communities, improves academic performance, and enhances access to subsequent opportunities such as higher education and employment.”

Interagency Task Force on Israeli Arab Issues – Informal Education in Israel’s Arab Society, July 2017

Our Youth Movement - Hanoar Haoved Vehalomed (translated as “Working and Studying Youth”) – has over 90,000 participants in 650 chapters. Teaching leadership skills and democratic values, we create active citizens and future leaders who will promote equality, justice, coexistence and shared society.


Established in 1924, we are one of the largest youth movements in Israel, and the most inclusive, with thousands of members in Ethiopian and Former Soviet Union immigrant communities. We are the only one to welcome Arab and Druze members and guides. In mixed cities, we have joint Jewish-Arab chapters, while in Arab and Druze villages, chapters are led by local counselors.


We help build the bridge between Israeli and American Jews. Each year, we send Ambassadors – Shlichim – to communities in the United States to help promote strong relationships between American and Israeli youth.

Today’s Youth Building Tomorrow’s Society
What We Do

“I got to know people I would never have met, Jews from all over the world and country, secular and religious, and even Arabs and Druze. Our activities bring people together and break down barriers.”


Rotem Raz, Youth Movement Counselor

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