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S’mores and Schmoozing: Fostering Connections among Israel's Elderly

Remember the crackling campfire and songs shared with friends? For the members of Dror Israel's senior citizen social groups, these cherished childhood memories have evolved into heartwarming reality.

In a delightful program, eighty participants from four of Dror Israel's senior citizen social groups recently gathered to cook dinner and share songs around the campfire. These summer activities are just a glimpse of the year-round magic these groups create.

Senior participants took the lead in preparing the campfire.

Leah Silverberg, a dedicated Dror Israel educator and group facilitator, reveals the essence behind these vibrant gatherings. She explained that most community events organized for elderly residents occur during the morning hours. “While morning activities are welcomed, our group participants are also looking for opportunities to meet with others during the evening hours as opposed to sitting at home, oftentimes, alone.” Silverberg continues “By thoughtfully considering their preferences and ensuring suitable conditions, like proper lighting and safe transport, our night-time events have become a resounding success.

80 seniors had the chance to connect at the campfire event.

The members of the groups carry stories of resilience, many being Holocaust survivors who journeyed to Israel from Poland, Tunis, Bulgaria, Romania, and Morocco. Their regular meetings transcend discussions, delving into pressing topics like current government judicial reforms. These dynamic individuals embark on excursions across Israel and lead community projects, embodying a spirit of active engagement. Thanks to the support by our friends and partners, our senior citizen groups provide much needed spaces for social engagement and involvement.

Participants had a great time snacking and singing around the campfire.

At Dror Israel, we believe in the power of community to enrich lives, no matter the age. Through shared activities and meaningful conversations, we're building bridges between generations and stitching together the fabric of a truly connected society.

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