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Empowering Bedouin Youth: Dror Israel Launches New Eco-Technology High School

In the heart of the Negev desert, where possibilities bloom like desert flowers, a transformative journey awaits teenagers from the underserved Bedouin population. Dror Israel, in collaboration with the Ministry of Labor, is proud to announce the launch of the groundbreaking Eco-Technology High School at Neveh Midbar.

After construction and renovations, the school will be a cutting edge campus for innovation.

Addressing Educational Gaps: A Vital Mission

The Bedouin population of the Negev faces significant challenges, from high dropout rates to staggering unemployment. Recognizing this, the Ministry of Education has chosen Dror Israel to establish a vocational high school in Neveh Midbar. This initiative seeks to integrate Bedouin youth into the workforce, offering them a pathway out of poverty and towards a brighter future.

Dror Israel: A Beacon of Opportunity

Dror Israel Schools are renowned for their transformative impact on students. With a focus on social and experiential learning, we empower students to succeed in Israel's dynamic economy. Now, the Dror Eco-Technology High School in Neveh Midbar extends our mission to the heart of the Negev, providing practical training and professional certification to address pressing economic and environmental issues.

A cutting-edge industrial design lab will help students bring their ideas to life.

Empowering Through Specialized Tracks

The school's innovative vocational tracks will pave the way for a promising tomorrow, giving students marketable and impactful skills:

1. Sustainable Resource Management: Equipping students to sustainably manage desert resources, they will work with researchers in the field to develop real-world solutions to environmental issues facing their community.

2. Urban Planning: Empowering students with tech-driven urban planning skills, bridging the gap between innovation and community needs.

3. New Media and Photography: Harnessing the power of digital media, nurturing creative skills while building sustainable advertising and marketing ventures.

4. Industrial Design: Fostering proficiency in product development, from conception to production, in the digital age of 3D printing and maker tools.

A media production lab will give students tools to make their voices heard,

A Bright Future for Bedouin Youth

Upon graduation, students will receive Vocational Certification in their chosen field, along with core academic knowledge. With language and presentation skills at the forefront, students will integrate seamlessly into the Israeli workforce.

Join Us in Shaping Lives

Be a part of this transformative journey as we pave the way for a brighter Negev and empower Bedouin youth to become architects of their future. Your support fuels this endeavor, uplifting generations and building a stronger, more inclusive Israel.

Stay tuned for updates on the Eco-Technology High School's progress, and join us in making a lasting impact. Together, we sow the seeds of opportunity in the Negev's sands, nurturing a sustainable and prosperous tomorrow.

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