Waiters Strike at the Chef Segev Moshe Restaurant in Beer Sheva

Updated: Jan 7

Waiters at the Segev restaurant in Beer Sheva went on strike today at noon, protesting the violation of their workers' rights. The strikers: "We deserve to receive a pay slip that reflects our real wages, we deserve to be paid for all the hours we are at work." Restaurant management: "We’re examining the employees' claims."

The workers, equipped with signs with various captions such as: Strike Here, Stop Violating Workers' Rights, Not Afraid – Unionizing, more - stood at the entrance to the restaurant and demanded that the chain's management meet with them and discuss their employment rights.

The story began about a month ago when workers at the restaurant were brought together through the Federation of Working and Studying Youth, and formed a workers’ committee, based on an allegation of infringement of their rights as employees. Employees say the chain and restaurant management have not recognized the committee and ignore their requests to sit with them and negotiate their rights.

Employees claim that their employer failed to pay them in accordance with the National Labor Court’s ruling which changes employment regulations in the restaurant industry. Employees say the restaurant has not been following the new guidelines and has not changed the way they work.

The waiters at the restaurant demanded to meet and talk to the management, but they claimed it was to no avail. According to the waiters, the restaurant's management has ignored their requests and dismissed them for no reason, and today there is a protest vigil and an hour-long warning strike outside the restaurant.