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Training Man’s Best Friend

Updated: May 2, 2021

Eshbal’s Educational Dog Kennels teach life skills and build friendships

Every day is exciting at the Eshbal Educational Dog Kennels, and the at-risk teens working and studying there recently had the pleasure of hosting two exceptional dog trainers - Shadi and Ben. They brought along Dano, a search and rescue dog and Chichi and Burkan - two dogs trained in sport and agility.

Naama Zilber, the head of dog training program, invited the team of trainers to meet with the students of Humanity, Society, and Nature high school in Carmiel, including students from our boarding school here on Eshbal. Throughout the day, the students had the opportunity to learn how to train the dogs to play a special sport called "Mondioring" – a sport designed specifically for dogs. The students tested the dogs’ skills by trying to pass a soccer ball around to one another without Chichi and Burkan intercepting the pass, but they had little success as these dogs are excellent fetchers.

Shadi and Ben talked to the students about the unique tasks of search and rescue dogs and how these dogs are trained for their mission. After this, Dano demonstrated his skills by finding the "lost" students that were hiding on Eshbal. Shadi and Ben were impressed by our students’ passion for dogs and a great day was had by all. The Educational Dog Kennels on Eshbal are a place for our at-risk students to connect with dogs, develop life skills such as empathy and patience, learn a profession and help abandoned dogs find new homes.


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