Operation Returning the Love

Dror Israel’s youth movement prepares and distributes Purim parcels to medical staff in Haifa’s hospitals.

Dror Israel’s youth movement had an amazing idea- to prepare Purim parcels (Mishloach Manot) with youth participants in Haifa and then distribute them to the medical staff of the many hospitals throughout the city. The youth movement spoke to the Haifa Municipality, the Youth Authority and the Histadrut in Haifa about cooperation on the initiative. The plan was for the youth movement participants to donate sweets and snacks from home with which to fill the parcels.

Tal Valentine, director of Dror Israel’s Beit Hatzeirim after-school program in the Hadar neighborhood of the city, explained how embarrassed he felt when the program’s counselors noted that the plan was not relevant for most of the kids in the program because their families would have a hard time buying the sweets for the packages. And why should these underprivileged kids be buying things for doctors, anyway?

“I thought, at first, that the neighborhood just wouldn’t participate,” said Tal, “But part of our educational philosophy is that all of these kids have something to contribute to the world.”

Tal called various friends of the program throughout the neighborhood and asked if they could help out with bu