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Emergency Response Updates- October 24

In the third week of the war, Dror Israel educators are providing crucial support to children evacuated from Gaza and the northern border, operating programs in over 40 locations nationwide. Our trained educators offer emotional first aid through games, sports, theater, and conversations, aiming to create positive experiences, build trust, and alleviate potential post-traumatic stress.

Roi Moisa and Rotem Rogovski from the Dror Israel Educators’ Community in Tel Aviv share their experience with support programming for young evacuees in Eilat:

Feeling the urgency, Roi and Rotem headed to Eilat without a plan, driven by the need to assist. They mapped out evacuee locations, met volunteers, education coordinators, children, and teenagers. That night, they began constructing a framework for a major educational project. Despite uncertainties, a group of our experienced youth movement counselors joined, ready to provide essential emotional first aid.

Amidst the flashing lights of Eilat, it is stability and connection which draws in young evacuees.

In Eilat, flashy attractions abound, yet their activity draws the most children. When they asked parents wehy they thought this might be, they understood that their it was because their approach extends beyond momentary events; they commit to being there for the long term. This continuity fosters a sense of home, routine, and normalcy, achieved through simple games, connections, and loving interactions.

Evacuated teens in Eilat made Challah together last Shabbat with their Dror Israel educators

Now active in 13 hotels in Eilat, over 40 Dror Israel educators and youth counselors conduct outdoor and indoor activities, water sports, and personal conversations. Their lives are temporarily intertwined with the evacuees, reinforcing a profound connection.

In Netanya, teen leaders from the HaNoar HaOved youth movement engage in educational activities for children evacuated from absorption centers for new immigrants in Ashdod, Ashkelon and Ibim.

Aviel, one of the teen counselors, initiated a heartwarming gesture – offering haircuts to kids who remain uncertain about returning home due to heavy rocket fire.

Aviel brought trimmers and offered haircuts to evacuated kids

Shoshana, a youth movement counselor, expresses the importance of unity and support in challenging times. " It's important to be there for each other, no matter how different we are. The children here are amazing, I love playing with them and, despite the language barrier, just being with them.

New to Israel, these kids have had to evacuate the absorption centers where they were living.

They tell about how there are a lot of missiles in the south and I see how they enjoy meeting with us. It gives me strength knowing that the activities are meaningful." Over 40 teenage youth movement counselors have volunteered with evacuees in Netanya, becoming inspiring leaders and role models.

These personal stories exemplify the dedication of Dror Israel educators, providing solace, stability, and a semblance of normalcy to those affected by the ongoing conflict.

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