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Dror Israel Students Convene to Explore their Role Amidst War

70 students from Dror Israel's network of vocational high schools, boarding schools, and pre-army prep program gathered for a conference to deliberate on the crucial role of youth during these challenging times. This meeting proved to be an invaluable forum for sharing experiences, challenges, and dilemmas faced by students across various centers.

Students from the Neveh Midbar Eco-Tech school shared about the war's impact on the Bedouin community.

The gathering provided a valuable opportunity to recognize the immense collective effort of these students. Representatives from each school shared their unique stories of resilience and shared about various volunteer projects they have taken part in- including clearing out public bomb shelters, running child care programs for evacuees, taking part in agricultural projects to support farmers, training and rehoming dogs abandoned after October 7th and more.

The student representatives had the chance to hear from a variety of guest speakers who touched on different current issues:

Uri emphasized the enduring power of youth throughout history, while Gadi delved into the challenges facing Israeli farmers in this tumultuous period. Adva, an IDF soldier, shed light on the pivotal role of the IDF as a people's army. Additionally, Zohar shared with the students about the ongoing campaign of the Families of the Hostages Forum, while Rotem and Hyla shared insights into the school network's activities with evacuees from the south and north. The students gained valuable insight and perspective which will help them lead their schools in these difficult times.

Students voted on proposals for their schools, such as volunteer projects and memorial programs.

The later part of the day was dedicated to collaborative thinking, fostering a shared vision for more possible actions in these challenging times. Dror Israel's students learn that even in difficult times, they have the ability to help others. This process paved the way for future initiatives, encouraging students to consider the impact they could have on their communities.

The strength and resilience demonstrated by these students underscore the profound impact of Dror Israel's educational philosophy. As they return to their schools and share what they learned at this important conference, these students will lead discussions at their schools and develop new ways to help their surrounding communities. Our students continue to be a source of pride and inspiration, even in these difficult times.

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