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Dror Israel’s high schools present at OECD education innovation conference

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

In the first week of June, Dror Israel took part in the 2022 OECD education innovation conference, which was held for the first time in Israel at the Jerusalem International Convention Center and was attended by some 15,000 participants from dozens of countries, including an official OECD delegation and Israeli Education Minister Yifat Shasha-Biton.

Dror educators shared with OECD leaders about our innovative education.

The 2022 conference for innovation in education is an international fair for innovators in education held by the world forum Education in 2030 for the development of the future of education. Representatives from the 48 member countries in Education 2030 attended the event.

At the conference, Dror’s school network presented our groundbreaking social pedagogy. Educators and students shared with the audience our special projects and educational approach that has been nationally recognized for many years and has generated interest from innovators in education in Israel and from around the world.

Pedagogical staff from Dror's schools presented at the conference.

Dror Israel was also honored to be included in the presentation by Israel’s Ministry of Education – Society and Youth Department about the informal education work conducted by Dror as part of the Histadrut HaChalutza – a coalition of various educational communities in Israel working in hundreds of educational projects throughout Israel.

We are proud to take part in this conference with innovative educators who are taking education to the next level in so many ways!

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