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Dror Israel Gathers Jewish, Arab, and Druze Youth Movement Leaders and Teens to Break Bread Together

In Tel Aviv, dozens of leaders of Jewish, Arab, and Druze Youth Movement branches gathered to share Iftar, the traditional meal breaking the daily fast during the month of Ramadan. Directors in Dror Israel’s associated Youth Movement Hanoar Haoved V’Halomed from all over the country participated in activities designed to foster knowledge of each other’s traditions, create connections, and build understanding.

Branch directors came from all over the country to get to know one another.

Participants got to know one another over a delicious meal while taking part in trivia quizzes about Ramadan, Passover, and other traditions. Arab Chapter leaders shared a presentation of recent highlights from the Arab branches and program plans for the upcoming summer.

The winners of the trivia competition celebrate with a selfie.

The Iftar leadership gathering has become an annual tradition, helping to develop friendships between the Druze, Arab, and Jewish Directors, while encouraging the sharing of ideas and planning of joint events for their teen participants.

Jewish and Arab teens in Haifa came together for a special Ramadan program.

Iftar programming is not limited to the Directors. In Haifa, teens from Jewish and Arab chapters came together for an educational program and Iftar meal. Led jointly by Jewish and Arab Directors, the cultural encounter gave teens the opportunity to share traditions, discuss democracy and equality, and dream together about how to better the lives of all Haifa residents. Despite increased tensions throughout the country, Dror Israel ran similar events, bringing Jewish and Arab teens together in the North (Galilee region) and South (Negev Region) of Israel.

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