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10th annual Drag Night at the Jam in Akko

Breathtaking night of queer energy and creativity brings hundreds to Dror Israel’s performance space in northern coastal city

The annual drag night, which celebrates queerness and helps amateur drag queens and kings express themselves on stage, is one of the most anticipated events of Dror Israel’s Jam in Akko’s yearly calendar, with both performers and audience members travelling from throughout the country to the small city of Akko in the north, where the Jam is one of the few cultural venues. The Jam’s goal is to create and bring music and culture to this city on Israel’s periphery, from which young adults often flee to Israel’s center, with its more vibrant nightlife.

The drag show itself was amazing - powerful, moving, rebellious, funny, and touching – and performed to a full and happy house!

But even more meaningful was the process underwent by the 20 drag kings, queens, and gender-bending royalty – some their very first night on stage – who met for an entire weekend of creativity, where they turned each individual number into one whole colorful and beautiful mosaic of a show.

There aren’t enough words to express admiration for Dror Israel’s own Zohar Avigdori and Assaf Shahar (alter egos Zohara Platinum and Nicole Dichfin) – who are the spirit and creators of this event and process. As Mica Gavrieli said during the event, they teach us “how to be all I can be, my maximum diva, but my light won’t put others in my shadow but rather increase the light shining on others around me. How to make room without giving up my own space. Nicole and Zohara are the huge inspiration for this – how moving isn’t walking – it’s changing, listening, growing, and encouraging new generations for whom Drag is magic, love and appreciation.”

Great show!

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