Zohar and His High-School Team On The Response To COVID-19

Updated: Jan 7

Tell us about where you usually work?

I teach History and English at The Social School – one of Dror Israel's unique high schools for at-risk youth, located outside of Haifa. Our school focuses on the social aspects of education through creating well-bonded groups, personal and informal atmosphere and teacher-students relations and leadership empowerment through volunteering and social activism.

How does a school day at the Social School usually look?

In regular days, we study 5 days a week between 9am – 2pm. Our sessions are usually interactive and held in relatively small groups of 20 kids. At The Social School we don't have tests, bells and punishments: we educate through dialogue, voluntary participation and interest. We dedicate at least 5 hours per week in hands-on workshops like cooking, gardening, volunteering in the community etc.

What did you do when you heard that schools were being closed because of the Corona virus?

When we heard that highschool need to be close, we had 2 emergency meetings of the staff when it was still possible, mapped all the students and their possible challenges and reactions in face of this new reality. We then invented our new routine that we use now based on that assessment.