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Youth movement granted award from Russian Ambassador

HaNoar HaOved, the youth movement associated with Dror Israel, receives award for exemplary work with the Russian olim community in Israel.

At the end of March, a letter of appreciation was granted from the Russian embassy in Israel to the youth movement associated with Dror Israel, HaNoar HaOved, for its extensive work on behalf of World War II veterans living in Israel.

The moving ceremony was attended by Russian Ambassador to Israel Mr. Anatoly Viktorov, Chairman of the Union of Veterans of the Second World War Mr. Avraham Grinzaid, and the Chairman of HaNoar HaOved and Dror Israel leader Pesach Hausfater.

The award was given on the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II and the victory over the Nazis, in recognition of the extensive and long-standing educational work of the youth movement with World War II veterans in Israel and ensuring that the story of their courage and heroism in fighting the Nazis for all of the Jewish people continues to be honored and will never be forgotten.

The youth movement works together with the veteran’s union to record stories of the veterans who fought against the Nazis, bring veterans to meet with groups of youth, hold commemoration ceremonies and parades every year together with the veteran’s union, and has also developed a unique and fascinating mobile exhibit all about the Jewish veterans of the Red Army who fought against the Nazis in World War II.

The Russian Ambassador to Israel stated in his remarks: “We are following the activities of HaNoar HaOved with great interest and we are impressed. In light of this, President Putin has decided to present this award to HaNoar HaOved.”

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