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We Mourn the Tragic Death of a Treasured Teacher from Dror Ramle High School

We are heartbroken to announce the tragic death of Shariffa Abu Muammar, 11th grade educator in our Dror High School in Ramle. Shariffa was killed last night, a few hours before the start of the school year, by a stray bullet.

Shariffa Abu Muammar (30)

Shariffa was the coordinator of social activities at the school and has been a beloved educator for the last 7 years. Just yesterday she came to the school, decorated her classroom, and prepared it all day for her students. Shariffa was a teacher dedicated to her work, her students and our staff. She was full of life, creativity and initiative.

Last year she finished teaching the 12th grade, and this year Shariffa was preparing and excited to meet the new 11th graders.

Shariffa coordinated the Dror High School social education and social involvement programs. She initiated a mother’s campaign for Mother’s Day, organized shared society encounters with Jewish schools, oversaw social involvement of students in the city and more.

Shariffa was 30 years old, and is survived by her husband Muhammed and her three young children: 4 year old Aaref, 2.5 year old Riyan, and baby Lian who was born just six month ago – a loving and warm family, coworkers who held her in the highest esteem, and loving students. All of us are in shock and pain, and mourning this terrible loss.

Yesterday, on the first day of school, the students and teachers gathered to discuss Sheriffa and her untimely death. Staff and students are receiving professional guidance from psychological services, and additional support from the Education Ministry and the Dror Education Centers network.

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