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Our Home is Open to All: Youth Leadership Course Adapts to COVID-19

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

In this special post, get a glimpse into the rapidly adapting world of youth movement leadership courses in the shadow of the coronavirus and Israel’s worst economic crisis in history

Most people out there probably assume that the only change to the youth movement leadership course in the shadow of COVID-19 is that it is forced to move online – the training will be the same, discussions will be about the same tops, just on Zoom instead of face-to-face.

A youth-counselor giving a session in leadership course

But in reality, there is more to it than that. It is true that the medium has changed, but so too has the content adapted to address the needs and issues of the hour.

Three examples of sessions held today at the youth leadership course in Rishon LeZion:

· The youth movement’s slogan is “Our home is open to all youth” – what does this sentence mean these days? The clubhouse isn’t exactly open…

· Online youth counseling – Yay? Nay? How is it done? Methods and tips for this new kind of activity.

· This year is more difficult than ever! A million unemployed, protests in the streets, businesses collapsing…

Using our creativity to create new contact that matches the needs of the hour

For our youth leaders of tomorrow, these are not merely distant social issues – they manifest in increased requests for subsidies and in the thoughts and experiences they share during discussions.

Furloughed single moms forced to raise three kids on unpaid leave.

Fathers whose businesses have had no income for months.

A youth movement counselor has to have opinions and convictions on these issues. How to keep our branch open to all youth despite the most difficult financial crisis in the country’s history.

In hebrew: Leadership course

These are tough questions, especially at a time when the Israeli government is turning its back on the youth movements and slashing their budgets.

Will our home really continue to stay open for all youth?

We will work hard and keep fighting for it to be so.

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