Notes from Dror Israel Meeting @ Berkeley CA

Updated: Jan 7

Steve and Vicki Zatkin along with Allen and Hannah King hosted an informational and fundraising event at the King’s Berkeley home in early November. The theme of the evening was a display of photographs taken by a Dror Israel educator, who teaches photography, and also some photographs taken by his students. They were unique snapshots shown the varied cultures in Israel as represented by individuals and, in some instances, people with their favorite animals: A Israeli Arab on her stallion, a Bedouin herder with his goats, a random couple caught at the moment they were posing for a selfie with their exotic parrot on a beach. There were also photos taken by students from a Dror school.

The photos on display around the room where the attendees learned about the current activities of Dror Israel, its future aspirations and its focus on building a civil society through the education of at-risk youth and communities. Education outside of the classroom was the main focus of the presentation by the three Dror Israel representatives, Zohar, Roei, and Michal.

Then, Steve and Allen spoke of their connection to Dror Israel. Allen told of the Israeli folk dance session he taught at the Rehovot dance studio built by Dror members where the participants experienced stories of the early Chalutzim and the building of Jerusalem in biblical times through the steps of the dances they learned.