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Needed Now More Than Ever: Building Peace and Democracy

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

We, Dror Israel, believe with all our hearts in equality and shared society. We believe in the imperative of the State of Israel to be a home for the Jewish people as well as a prosperous and equal democracy for all. Our core values – democracy, equality, and peace - inform our lives and our educational work.

Escalating tensions surrounding fundamental democratic principles threaten to weaken Israel’s democracy, and increasing terror and violence have shaken the country, creating serious damage to the fabric of our society. Believing deeply in the power of dialogue and education to create change, our educators lay the foundations for peace.

We are 1300 trained educators living and working in Israel’s mixed communities. Through our schools, youth movement, and local programming, we reach tens of thousands of Israelis of all backgrounds every day. Our educators have developed innovative new programs in response to the current situation, creating vital platforms for constructive discussion.

With unwavering commitment, we will continue to educate for a more just, equal, and democratic Israel.

Dror Israel's Peace-building programs include:

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