Midterm events at the Dror Social High Schools

Updated: May 2

With this exceptional school year half over, the Social High Schools mark the mid-term by displaying what they’ve been working on

Though almost all of Israel’s high schools have been largely closed since March 2020, Dror Israel’s network of eight social high schools and three boarding schools have been open with special government permission, in recognition that a proper and consistent framework is the best place for at-risk youth from difficult homes, even during a pandemic.

Dror’s Social High Schools are different than your standard high schools. They educate on the basis of Project Based Learning - a method in which students educate themselves about real-world challenges and problems through inquiry and research. The middle of the year is a time to exhibit the projects the students have been exploring and it is always an incredible show of vibrant creativity and curiosity.

An educator speaking to students at the Social High School in Tel Aviv-Yafo

Students at the Social High School in Haifa are building a virtual simulation of the school itself so that parents can still come see it despite the pandemic. Each class and each vocational track at the school will be represented in the simulation, and final projects will be exhibited digitally for parents and the community at large.