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Israel heads to the polls! Again.

A reminder of the importance of Dror Israel’s constant work to strengthen Israeli democracy

While Israelis are voting for the fourth time in two years, we are reminded of the importance of our work to strengthen democracy and democratic values from the ground up: with our youth movement, community groups, educators’ kibbutzim, schools and more.

We are hoping and working that despite the current political instability, participation rates will be high and Israelis will be confident in the quality of their democracy and government.

Counselors talking to teens working on Election Day

Unfortunately, every Election Day is also an opportunity for the political parties and local bosses to exploit teens working on their campaigns for the day – a pattern seen year after year. As the official legal representatives for working youth, our youth movement handles these cases. This year it didn’t stop at that and decided to send a team out to visit polling places in 25 towns around the country and talk to teens working on Election Day, handing out educational flyers about their working rights with contact info in case they believe their rights have been violated in any way.

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