Honoring the Ethiopian Jews who Perished on Their Journey to Israel

Updated: Jan 7

Dror Israel leads the national effort to honor the legacy of thousands of Ethiopian Jews who lost their lives seeking a way home to Zion. This year the annual ceremony was broadcast online for the first time ever, sharing this powerful story of hope and endurance with Jews across the world.

For nine years, Dror Israel has spearheaded and produced the annual ceremony for the Memorial Day for the Ethiopian Jews who Perished on Their Way to Israel. Now, for the first time, we broadcast the ceremony online in order to bring the incredible, tragic and inspiring Zionist story of the Ethiopian Jewish community to as many hearts and minds as possible. In addition, we offered an English translation of the ceremony for the first time ever so that Jews from the Diaspora, where this story is even less well known than in Israel, could connect.

This day commemorates the lives of the four thousand women, men and children who left their land out and their homes, driven by an ancient yearning for Zion and the Jewish people, but tragically never reached their destination in Israel.

In the lead up to the ceremony, youth movement members of Ethiopian background interviewed their parents and grandparents and posted the interviews on the youth movement website.

Malka, currently serving in the IDF, said about the experience:

“Interviewing my parents is something that I’ve always wanted to do. I knew about their story beforehand, but it wasn’t enough, and also every