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Educators Lend Farmers a Hand in the Citrus Orchards

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Educator: Lital Horamain

Date: 04/19/2020

Place: Shaar Hanegev Rigional Counsil

Graduates of the youth movement went this week to help in the orchards on Kibbutz Mefalsim. The orchards manager contacted them, and they committed to help in agriculture and keep working until there isn’t any more need.

"This week, my friends and I left home in order to help out at the orchards on Kibbutz Mefalsim. We were a decent-sized group from Dror Israel who came to help pick citrus fruits for a few days. To tell the truth, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the hard physical work and I was happy to meet with and get to know the people managing the orchards. I learned another lesson about the incredible importance of agriculture in the border region and in general in Israel, and its deep connection to Zionism."

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