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The Youth Movement's Educational Council - in Wartime

Speakers shared their perspectives before the council voted on proposals.

“In the fierce battle at the police station in Sderot, adjacent to the HaNoar HaOved youth movement branch of Sderot, our branch served as a refuge and defense for the fighters. The losses in this battle were profound. I support the proposal to renew the youth movement's activity when the displaced residents and communities will return to their homes,” said Aviv Elfran, a resident of Sderot and the coordinator of the Sderot youth movement branch. 

“The evacuated junior counselors who took part in Leadership Training Courses at the evacuee center have created so much light in the lives of the other displaced children, and we need to bring that light back to Sderot."

Yesterday, in a historic gathering, the Educational Youth Council of HaNoar HaOved voted on 19 proposals in the face of the ongoing war. The council brought together representatives from the diverse youth movement’s branches across the country, including Jewish, Druze, and Arab teens. Their decisions addressed, among other things, activities on the country's borders, continuing programming for evacuees, commemorating our fallen graduates and participants, and more.

Teens from across the country came together to vote and make important decisions together.

We were deeply moved by the words of Dana Lahav and Assaf Klerman from the Kibbutzim Gevim and Miflasim, in the Gaza border area. "We see children who have experienced hell and found no reason to smile until the youth movement gave them with the reason they so desperately needed. The leadership training in the evacuee centers  gives tremendous strength to everyone from the displaced communities.


Additionally, we believe that the youth movement should continue its important tasks during these days—including supporting our many educators who are currently enlisted soldiers and reservists. Another important mission is to continue our youth movement activities in branches nationwide. Especially now, we must continue these activity, guide and educate our students to create a better and safer world."


During the event, we highlighted the more than 130 captives who remain in Hamas’ captivity. We remain committed to working to bring them back. 🙏

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