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Dror’s Tel Aviv Social High School Opens School Year with Visit from Minister of Economy

"Every child should feel like they are in the spotlight and that they have meaning and a role in the world. That’s what they get at this school.”

The students and staff of Dror’s Tel Aviv Social High School were honored to open the school year with a special visit from Israel’s Minister of Economy, Orna Barbivay. As a vocational school, the school is overseen by the Ministry of Economy and Industry. Barbivay toured the school, met with students and teachers, and learned about the various programs of study offered by the school.

Located in the heart of Tel Aviv, the Dror Educational Centers’ Social High School is a cutting-edge institution which prepares students to be leaders in the workforce of tomorrow. The school’s pedagogy centers around interdisciplinary project-based learning, which challenges students to address real world issues through their studies. The curriculum is supported by a focus on student-teacher relationship, group building and social change.

As a vocational school, it also is home to a variety of innovative training programs which give students not only practical tools to help them succeed in the workplace, but also a host of social and leadership skills which help them to adapt and lead in a constantly changing world. The school’s current vocational tracks are urban agro-ecology, sound and music production and social media. Each track includes hands-on learning, mentored work experience, as well as highlighting the connection between technology and social change.

Photo Credit: Orna Barbivay

After touring the sound studio and the urban garden, Minister Barbivay noted the importance of offering a variety of tracks. In a post following her visit, she wrote “The national goal of growing the hi-tech sector [..] is important and correct, but there is no doubt that we need to maximize our human resource potential in a variety of fields which are suited to different people […] Good luck to all students in whatever track they choose to study.” She went on to laud the importance of vocational education and its contribution to society and the workforce.

Wrapping up her visit, Minister Barbivay made use of the school’s sound and production studio. With the help of the track’s students, she recorded the following message:

”To all the school’s students- good luck, and happy new year. I hope that you will grow and thrive, that you’ll feel a sense of meaning in your studies, in your work and also in life in general.”

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