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Dror Ramle High School students’ plans for futuristic bus stop adopted by Ministry of Transportation

On December 27, the students presented the project they prepared in school – plans for a futuristic bus stop that’s accessible for people with disabilities, and especially for the blind, deaf, and people in crisis.

The presentation took place at a conference at the Israeli Smart Transportation Research Center (ISTRC) in Ashdod, along with the five other school projects chosen from throughout the country, to representatives of the Ministry of Transportation, Intel and Ayalon Highways.

Dror Ramle students presenting their prototype

Located in the mixed city of Ramle in central Israel, this school is unique in Dror network of 8 high schools in that all of its students are Muslim Arabs. But just like at all the other schools in the network, the students learn through an innovative curriculum of social project-based vocational learning, meaning that they are presented with real world problems of humanity and must together develop real and implementable solutions through multi-disciplinary research, consulting local experts and community members, learning new skills, and teamwork.

Students got to meet with representatives from the Ministry of Transportation

Thanks to the students’ thorough and impressive work, bus stations based on their design will soon be placed on roads throughout the country!

Congratulations to the Dror Ramle students on this achievement, which will soon benefit Israeli society!

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