Dror Israel's Network of schools featured in "The Marker"

Dror Israel’s network of schools and boarding schools was honored to be featured in the June issue of The Marker’s social initiatives magazine.

Here is our own translation of the article:

Revolution of Hope

Hope is the plan of action for creating a better reality. Social pedagogy, led by the Dror Israel, offers a new way to educate and to change society.

Limor Klar

Published in “The Marker”

“Imagine yourselves a beautiful world / Less sad than it is/ And we are walking there with the sun in our pockets/ And above the rooftops, the stars/ And the time goes by fearless,” sang Shlomo Artzi, and it seems as if his words were written about the learning and education at the social schools in Israel. Anyone who visits the many end-of-year events at the Dror Israel social high schools has an exciting and inspiring experience. The events make clear the extraordinary connection between education, learning, friendship and widespread social change. Children, teens, parents and educators speak about a new opportunity to understand what a school is and what role it serves. Youth talk about escaping loneliness and the feeling that they are invisible and finding meaningful friendships and feeling that they are exceptionally appreciated. They speak of an experience of meaningful learning that is connected to their lives, of creation, and of big social projects in the community around them that create widespread long-lasting changes.