Dror Israel Buoys March Combating Violence Against Women

Thousands of educators & students joined a peaceful demonstration in Tel Aviv protesting domestic violence. Rally held in response to the vicious murder of MayaVishniak (21) in May.

On Monday evening, June 1, thousands of women and men gathered in central Tel Aviv for a women’s march protesting domestic violence. Despite its name, the women’s march was more of a rally, as its organizers took care to ensure the demonstration was in line with COVID-19 restrictions. Participants were instructed to wear masks and keep two meters distance from one another. Official police estimates suggest around 3,000 people joined the rally.

The Women’s March Against Violence was an immediate response to the murder of Maya Vishniak (22), who was brutally murdered by her boyfriend in May. Vishniak’s murder is added to the dozens of Israeli women killed by their domestic partners over the past few years, as well as an unprecedented uptick in domestic violence complaints filed since the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown in Israel. The lockdown exacerbated tensions and added friction to many family homes, threatening the lives of many women who live in fear of their partners every day.