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Dror High School Midterm Projects Serving the Community

Dror’s Social High Schools capable and creative students continue to amaze with all of their accomplishments

It’s that time of the year again when our high school students share their midterm projects with friends, family and the community, traditionally with large events and tours of the schools. Unfortunately, Israel is at the height of another wave of COVID-19, and once again, events are deemed unsafe. But the undaunted teachers and students developed alternative ways to display their accomplishments – via online presentations or outdoor displays in public places.

The students of the Agro-ecology Track and Carpentry Group at Dror’s Tel Aviv Social High School, guided by intrepid educator Tom Shay, partnered this year with a group of neighborhood volunteers who, with the goal of decreasing unnecessary consumption and garbage, collect children’s items such as clothes and toys from people who don’t need them anymore and pass them on to people who do. Together with the volunteers, the students planned and built themselves a wooden cabin, including storage furniture and solar lighting, to house the project and all of its equipment.

“This is such a perfect example of social project-based learning, because not only did the students complete a meaningful and interdisciplinary learning process, but they also created something that truly serves the community,” says Tom.

In fact, the students are so excited about their school and studies that when Tom was unfortunately out sick with COVID and they were told that their school day would end early because they don’t have a teacher present, they called Tom to complain that they had too much important work to do and he just had to find them someone to be there and watch them while they got the work done. What high school students do you know who would do the same?!

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