Dror Educational Centers annual conference gathers hundreds of Israel’s best minds in education

Updated: Oct 8

On Wednesday, the entire Dror Educational Centers network held its annual conference for the network's educators as well as other invited partners and teachers from across the country.

Dror Israel’s growing network of schools leads the Israeli education system in project-based learning – where students work in groups to create solutions to real-life problems facing humanity. In special tracks such as life-improving technology, agro-ecology, oceanography and new media, the students master technologies such as 3D printers, graphic design programs, laser cutters, and robotics.

Educators in the annual conference

But these concrete skills aren’t the most important elements of their education. Even more critical are the values, teamwork, leadership, and commitment to community and society emphasized at the schools and exhibited in each and every project.

At the conference, 350 teachers from the various schools and projects presented an exhibit of inspiring stories and projects from their schools, sat in small groups for discussions about the power of the educational encounter to create hope in times of upheaval and despair, attended a lecture from Professor Michal Krumer-Nevo about her poverty-aware approach to social work, and performed an original musical and performance piece telling challenging and emotional stories of the past year at the various schools and programs.