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Acting Skills and English on Display in Mitzpe Ramon School

Across the country, schools in Dror Israel’s network are gearing up for their midterm events. These open house events are a chance for students to showcase what they have been learning so far this year, through inter-disciplinary projects which combine technical skills, knowledge, and social components. They invite parents, and other visitors to check out their hard work and learn more about the school’s innovative pedagogical approach.

Dror Israel's High School in Mitzpe Ramon kicked things off with their English midterm showcase this week. Teachers at the high school developed a course to teach students English through theater and performing arts. By learning English through performance, students also hone their public speaking, confidence and creativity. Throughout the semester, they have tackled challenges related not only to vocabulary and grammar, but also annunciation and stage fright.

9th grade students shared original, silly sketches.

In their midterm showcase, students wrote scenes in English and performed them in front of an audience of their peers and teachers. The 9th grader wrote short comedy scenes using jokes and English word play, while the 10th and 11th graders broke down and re-recorded scenes in English from the movie “Inside Out” by Pixar - each student taking a different character. The school’s seniors worked together to script and perform a short play about interactions at the town’s bus stop- giving them a chance to show off the skills and techniques they have studied over the years.

The 12th graders' play gave them an chance to explore different characters.

“I was so nervous,” one twelfth grader told us. “I’m glad it’s over- but it was so fun to share our play!”

The Mitzpe Ramon high school is located in the isolated desert town best known for the gorgeous Machtesh Ramon crater. The crater is a big draw for tourists, and as tourism is one of the town’s main industries, the school has developed a unique vocational training track for its students- Eco friendly tourism. Through their vocational studies, the students combine a variety of subjects that they will need to be well versed in as tour guides, such as history, biology and geology. In order to welcome tourists from all over the world to their beautiful town, they also need a high level of English as well as an ability to speak in front of an audience.

Dror's Mitzpe Ramon school fully integrates its setting into the curriculum.

The event took place in the community center next to the high school. The students were in high spirits and their classmates and teachers were all enthusiastic audience members and enjoyed the show.

Great job everyone! Bravo!

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