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Israeli Minister of Health lauds Dror Israel’s efforts during early days of the COVID pandemic

As part of a shot-in-the-dark application for a prestigious international prize called “We Are Together,” Dror Israel submitted a routine request for a simple letter of recommendation from the Ministry of Health to include with the application.

Some days later, we were floored to receive a sincere and glowing letter from Nitzan Horowitz, Israel’s Minister of Health, praising our efforts last year establishing and running day cares for hospital workers throughout the country during the national lockdowns in which schools were closed and essential hospital workers were left scrambling to find a solution for child care, knowing that their hospitals were swamped with COVID patients fighting for their lives.

The Health Minister writes:

“I can attest that the efforts of Dror fundamentally changed our nation’s ability to combat the coronavirus. Due to their timely response, we were able to successfully address the severe health needs of patients crowding our hospitals because we had the medical staff to do so.

I, along with all of Israel, applaud the courage, commitment, and concern for fellow citizens demonstrated by Dror educators and volunteers throughout the pandemic. These qualities are hallmarks of this outstanding organization.”

The letter further notes that the program served “children aged 4-12 in 16 hospitals, serving 1,200 children of 1,500 essential medical workers over a period of 60 days. Additionally, not one educator, volunteer, or child in the programs contracted COVID during these two months.”

This kind of acknowledgement means so much to the Dror Israel educators and volunteers who dropped everything and enlisted their efforts to help in our country’s hour of need, while setting aside their own health concerns.

While it is unlikely that Dror Israel will win the We Are Together Prize, we certainly feel that we have won something extremely valuable in the gratitude and recognition of Israel’s government.

Thank you also to all of our outstanding partners in Israel and abroad who joined this effort by donating to support the child care program. It could not have succeeded without you!

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