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Dror Israel’s Educators’ Kibbutz in Rehovot receives certificate of appreciation

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

This week, Dror Israel’s Educators’ Kibbutz in Rehovotwas honored to receive a certificate of appreciation from the city of Rehovot for their work in the community during the pandemic.

Dror Israel’s kibbutz in the city has about 60 adult members, all of whom work in the fields of education, community and social services.

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, and especially the harsh lockdowns imposed in Israel, Dror Israel members in Rehovot quickly organized, together with friends and partners in the city, various ways of responding to emerging needs – recruiting neighborhood and building point-persons to help people and families in quarantine, the elderly, and whoever needed anything; the “adopt-a-neighbor” program which paired elderly residents with younger neighbors; organized volunteers for food and medication deliveries; called seniors to check on their welfare and simply have a conversation; and much more.

From left to right: Revital Levy, Yoni Rottenburg, Ofra Gazit, Bat-Hen Karni, Eran Shimoni, Shiri Klar

We worked together with hundreds of other volunteers during the long period of emergency which we all experienced, in order to help, to provide aid, and to alleviate loneliness.

We are proud of the courageous partnerships we developed and glad to have the privilege of taking part in city-wide efforts during both emergency and normal times.

Thank you to our partners Revital Levy, director of volunteering, City council member Shmulik Bar Danzan, Director of social services Bat-Hen Karni, and to Avi Pitro and Yoni Rottenberg from the community security authority.

The certificate reads, “This Certificate of Appreciation is hereby presented to Dror Israel, expressing our thanks for your enlistment to help with emergency efforts for the benefit of the residents of Rehovot during the COVID pandemic period, on a completely voluntary basis and with all your hearts and souls.”


Rahamim Malul, Mayor

Shmulik Bar Danzan, City council member, Welfare portfolio

Bat-Hen Karni, Director of social services

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