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Educating for Democracy 

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Dror Israel educators bring Israelis of all stripes together through educational programs dedicated to preserving and strengthening Israeli democracy. Whether in schools, educational workshops or community activities, Dror Israel’s programming encourages productive dialogue and understanding between Israelis of all backgrounds and diverse beliefs.

After five consecutive years of a political gridlock and as political turmoil continues in Israel, social tensions are reaching a divisive peak surrounding the newly appointed government’s ongoing attempt to dramatically change the judicial system and other suggested legislation.

While in other years, Dror Israel’s programs on this topic are mostly concentrated into our Democracy Month in November in commemoration of the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin, in light of current events our various educational frameworks are responding with enlightening and empowering learning and workshops with the goal of raising the democratic leaders of tomorrow. Dissecting incitement, racism, and other threats to democracy helps students imagine that something better is possible and understand that they can make a difference. 

Dror Israel's high schoolers gained insights about the current political situation and the importance of Israel's democracy.

In special civics lessons, students in all grades throughout Dror Israel’s seven high schools had a chance to gain insight and historical context which allow them to better understand and analyze the current political situation. These additional lessons have proven essential in strengthening students’ ability to understand the proposed legislation, the structure of the judicial system, the ongoing protests, and the role of youth in preserving democracy.

Additionally, after in-depth training sessions with their teachers – students from Dror Israel’s pre-army preparatory program at Kibbutz Ravid travelled to neighboring schools to facilitate educational sessions and after-school programs about the importance of democracy and dialogue. 

Over the past weeks, in dozens of schools throughout the country, specially-trained Dror Israel educators facilitated special educational workshops which challenge students to develop tools to “disagree democratically” and to understand the important role they play in making Israel a just and equal democracy for all of its citizens.

Throughout the country, Dror Israel educators facilitated workshops on tools for strengthening democracy.

These programs strengthen student’s democratic values in order to raise a generation that can overcome the polarized and extreme social climate, and lead a stronger, more cohesive Israeli society.  With new tools and knowledge, our students become responsible and active citizens, with the ability to bring people together, and to lead and shape their communities.  

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