Yuval Reflects on the First Week of Running a Youth Movement During a Pandemic

Updated: Jan 7

Educator: Yuval Arad

Date: 03/18/2020

Place: Misgav

This is what my last few days have looked like: My phone hasn’t stopped ringing since 8:00am, “What do you even have to do?” Everyone asks me. “A ton,” I say, “There are my busiest days ever:”

  1. Planning alternative activities

  2. Making sure that all of the participants have someone to talk to

  3. Taking care of the participants in home isolation

  4. Giving kids air to breath and a place to express their fears and frustrations

  5. Giving hope

  6. Making a routine despite the uncertainty

  7. Providing educational tools in places I’ve never educated

  8. Being together, even though everyone is in their own home