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Youth Movement awarded prestigious prize for Aliyah work!

Dror Israel is proud to announce that our associated youth movement HaNoar HaOved was awarded the prestigious Yossi Harel Prize by the Dor HaPalmach Association for its impressive work to help absorb olim (Israeli immigrants) and its extensive educational projects telling the story of the aliyah from Ethiopia.

The prize was awarded in a moving ceremony at the Palmach Museum on November 30, with the participation of Israeli President Yitzhak Herzog and Minister of Aliyah and Absorption Pnina Tamano-Shata.

President Herzog saluted the winners and said: "You all make a crucial contribution to immigration and absorption and certainly uphold the legacy of the late Yossi Harel."

The prize is named after Yossi Harel, who served as a Palmach commander of illegal immigrant ships from 1945-1948 that led thousands of Holocaust survivors on their way from European soil to the shores of Israel. Harel famously commanded the illegal immigrant ships Knesset Israel in 1946, as well as Exodus and Hapanim in 1947, which sailed to the shores of Israel.

The purpose of the award is to bring to public awareness to significant events, projects and actions in the field of immigration and absorption and the integration of immigrants and their descendants into Israeli society.

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