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Dror Israel Educators Reach Out To Their Students During Lockdown

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Written by: Miri Lupowitz

We have been active in this neighborhood for many years; we know people well, we understand needs, and we find solutions together. The goal of this project is to keep providing educational and social solutions in the neighborhood, all in accordance with Ministry of Health regulations and restrictions.

We prepared kits for families with a variety of activities, and also magnets with instructions for how to wash hands properly, and a personal letter asking neighborhood residents to notice the needs of their neighbors – especially seniors and people who live alone.

We prepared the kits at the city’s youth department, which provided us with all of the supplies and space we needed.

We distributed the kits to a bunch of large residential buildings in the neighborhood. We just placed a box full of kits near the entrance with a sign explaining the idea.

We also gave kits to parents with children who we saw outside on the streets.

Of course we also contacted parents of our regular student participants, and scheduled times to leave them kits outside their homes.

We received lots of warm and positive feedback. Everyone who got a kit was happy and interested, and it lifted people’s spirits.

It seems like this is a real need for many parents and children. It’s also important for us to encourage people to notice one another in the buildings, organize to help those who need it, and strengthen the community from within.

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