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The Gift of Giving: Jolnar's Week as a Volunteer Counselor at Arabic Child Care

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Jolnar, volunteer counselor with the Arabic-speaking group at the Poriya Hospital child care program, looks back on her week:

In the end, it doesn’t matter how much you have and how high you reached, but who you helped and what you made better, and how much you gave back.

This week I was privileged to volunteer as a counselor at the child care program for children of medical staff at Poriya Hospital, which is taking place at Alei Hagiva school in Givat Avni, under the auspices of the Jordan Valley Regional Council and the World Zionist Organization, and being run by Dror Israel, specifically the amazing Peleg Sadeh and Yael.

This week I learned that alongside all of the advantages in giving, it also is a kind of release and it’s so satisfying to give back just a bit of what the medical staff is giving during these tough times which we have never experienced before and never planned for.

I also understood that the meaning of life is to find your gift and give it to those around you. The gift I received from life is the ability to give. The meaning of life isn’t just to acquire and survive, but rather to give and to live.

Thank you to Nizar Daghash, the Director of the Majar Community Center, for all his efforts and the opportunity he gave me to take part.

Thank you also to Leez Talaat Maslha who joined me for a day, volunteered, and had fun with the kids.

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