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Former Minister of Education, Yuli Tamir, Lauds Dror's High School Following Visit

Professor Yuli Tamir, former Minister of Education and current president of Beit Berl College, came to visit Dror Israel’s high school in Carmiel. Her visit was part of a plan to develop a teaching program at the college which deals with innovative education, creativity, and addressing the needs of the 21st century.

During the visit, Professor Tamir met with students who presented educational projects which they’ve been working on this semester and about how the school grapples with the challenges presented by the ongoing pandemic.

Wrapped up her visit, Prof. Tamir noted that the school and its pedagogy serve as an inspiration and an example for other schools. She was especially impressed by the unique connection between teachers and students, the emotional and social responses to students' needs, and the in-depth and engaging educational processes which combine theoretical learning with social action.

Beit Berl College is creating a teacher training program which will borrow from the ideas developed at Dror Israel’s schools. We look forward to continuing and deepening our pedagogical partnership.

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