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Dror Israel's educators respond quickly to the needs of Israel's most vulnerable

Earlier this month, as rockets began to fly from Gaza aimed at Israel's southern cities, Dror Israel educators sprung into action.

In cities and towns throughout Israel's impacted southern region, Dror Israel's initiatives created havens of solidarity and support for vulnerable children and families under fire.

As part of our ongoing community organizing in partnership with the Sderot municipality, Dror Israel’s Educators’ Kibbutz in Sderot checked in with 250 of their most vulnerable neighbors, including visiting 90 of them in their homes and helping to identify those suffering from issues including mental health, trauma and inadequate shelter.

In other southern cities, such as Netivot and Ashkelon, Dror Israel educators ran programs for kids during their days in the shelters – doing arts and crafts, having emotional check-ins and playing games. Engaging the children and giving their parents a break, the educators turned the environment in the shelters from one of fear and isolation to one of togetherness and support. This programming is especially crucial in underprivileged neighborhoods where the houses lack individuals protected rooms, leading many families to sleep in public bomb shelters.

After spending their days fearfully cramped in bomb shelters, the HaNoar HaOved youth movement, associated with Dror Israel, gave the children of the impacted areas a short reprieve from the ongoing rockets and sirens. For two days, kids and teens from towns surrounding the border with the Gaza Strip had the opportunity to relax, process their feelings and have fun on quiet Kibbutz Ravid in the north of the country. Able to play outside without the need to stay within 15 seconds of a bomb shelter, the kids took full advantage of the fresh air and room to run around.

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