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Working in our communities and throughout Israel to stay strong and connected | Coronavirus

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Dror Israel is preparing for the new situation following the consequences of the Coronavirus:

In light of the Ministry of Health’s guidelines, Dror Israel's activities (including the Youth Movement, schools, boarding schools, after school clubs, our educational workshops, and all our local projects) will not take place in its standard format.

Our activities will continue, as much as possible online and in accordance to the guidelines. During this unique period, every effort is being made to intensify the dialogue and act creatively while maintaining the well being of our leaders and participants, their families and their communities.

This is also time to increase activity in light of the values that lead us all the time only stronger than before: mutual responsibility, solidarity, community. These are very necessary values these days. Many such initiatives have already begun in the various urban kibbutzim and in society as a whole and we will work to intensify and empower them.

Alongside the effort to stop the spread of the virus, the Israeli government must take steps to ensure the livelihood and future of Israeli citizens. The State of Israel is a rich country that is entering a crisis in its economy. The government must make significant steps to support the workers and companies who are expected to be severely impacted and to enact a plan to put more money into the economy in order to address this issue.

We applaud all health care professionals who are working around the clock and appreciate everyone who works to strengthen the social resilience of our society.

Pictured: two students from the “Yael” vocational class and Ken Mitzpe Ramon of our Youth Movement (HaNoar HaOved v’HaLomed) preparing food packages for Mitzpe Ramon residents who are in solitary confinement.

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