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Our Journey to Poland

Since 1995, under the Ministry of Education, with the public schools and youth movement, we have led over 2,000 teens every year to Poland. That’s over 50,000 youth in the past 25 years who witness first-hand the tragedy of the Holocaust.


Our 6-month process begins with workshops, delving into Jewish life in the ghettos and camps. Then, in small delegations, we embark on the powerful 7-day journey, concluding with the story of the Warsaw Uprising, illustrating resistance in the face of horror.


Some of our groups include Arab and Druze teens and guides. The trip takes on additional meaning, as these participants bring their experiences back to their communities, making them beacons of hope for the future. 


“We hope our Arab and Druze participants share their understanding of the Holocaust with their families, planting a seed for peace.”

Anat Shavit - Poland Guide

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