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At Dror Israel, we believe LGBTQ rights and communities are integral to building a more inclusive Israeli society. We provide a range of activities and initiatives to ensure that everyone in our society feels welcome and has a voice.


Sex Education Workshops

We run workshops in schools and after-school programs giving teens a safe space to explore sexuality, communication, respectful relationships, safe sex, gender and sexual identity, and combatting homophobia.

Youth Groups for LGBTQ Teens

We have programs specifically geared to LGBTQ youth throughout the country, with a special focus on the periphery, where activities for LGBTQ are scarce.


Building LGBTQ Culture

Through poetry slams and drag parties as well as publishing books with LGBTQ content, we build Israel’s LGBTQ culture.


Training Educators

We train hundreds of educators who work with thousands of youth and adults, giving teachers the tools to create comfortable learning environments so LGBTQ people can thrive.


Participation in Parades

We gather at all pride parades in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, Be’er Sheva, Rishon LeZion and more. We also lead and participate in protests when necessary, such as the annual ceremony commemorating the 2009 attack on Bar Noar LGBTQ youth club where two people were killed and eleven were injured.

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