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Youth Movement member

As a member of the Dror Israel Youth Movement – Hanoar Haoved Vehalomed, we learn the value of acting when we see a need, to help others and make a better society. Operation Human Warmth began because we read about 12 refugees who froze to death in Syria. For the past 4 winters, we have collected over 150 tons of winter supplies – blankets, coats, sleeping bags, gloves, boots, warm clothes, and sent them across the border.


Israel has no relationship with Syria. And we have to take off all labels with Israeli logos or Hebrew writing. But we look at this as human beings helping human beings, no matter where they live, what their faith is, or who they are. 


It’s the difference between life and death – it’s as simple as that. And hopefully, this may also change their vision of Israel and help plant the seed for peace.

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