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Idan and Hadar
Kindergarten teachers

As Dror Israel educators, we believe children are a great asset for creating positive social change. They have the power to educate their parents and grandparents. We taught them songs and told them stories about respecting the elderly, which led to a whole campaign to improve the lives of the elderly in the community.


Being with the children every day, we see them grow. We understand we have influence on who and what they become. We talk about respect, tolerance, friendship. And we see them adopting these values in the ways they behave toward one another.


When children walk into the classroom with huge smiles on their faces, we know they feel safe and that they have come to a place they love and care about. School becomes a second home where they can dream, experience, succeed or fail. They know they will be loved. They learn to love others and themselves. This changes the students’ lives, who in turn change the community around them.

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